Saturday, 14 May 2016

First! (Of many!) The who, what and where of Down Under Gaming.

First! :)

Well g'day!

If you're here, then congrats on finding one of the newest blogs on miniature gaming!  Welcome to Down Under Wargames!

As you can imagine with a name like Down Under Wargames, I come from Australia, and like to wargame (surprise, surprise!)  I move around a lot, but always try to get involved with the local gaming community - at the moment I live in Newcastle, Australia - but have been known to frequent Adelaide and Canberra at times :)

I started out, like many, doing Warhammer 40k - came into it at the end of Third Edition, just as the Tau came out and the Tyranids were getting a major revamp. 

For me, I was sucked into the Tyranids and the Guard - I liked the whole idea of doing my own 'Aliens' reenactments, and a fair few poor guardsmen met their untimely demise this way!  However, even as I made my own small stockpile, I found that 40k was a bit too expensive for my liking and so I looked elsewhere for my fix ;)

From there, I found the world of 15mm with Flames Of War, and have been playing that on-and-off for the last seven years.  A few years later, and I found myself getting the sci-fi bug again, whereupon I discovered Khurasan Minis, GZG and Brigade Models to name but a few of the many 15mm sci-fi providers!

More recently, I spread out in 6mm... and this is where I find myself today thanks to GHQ, Heroic & Ros and Scotia Grendel minis (and others of course!) 

I find 6mm to be just the right size for my modern forces and while I still have my FOW, I feel more inclined to build more of my 6mm including a WW2 version!

Anyhow, enough about my miniatures history, time to get into the action.  Hope you enjoy the blog!  The pictures below are just a few examples of what I will hopefully have more of now that I have a reason to paint and finish!

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