Thursday, 16 February 2017

Back into it, finally!

Hi everyone!

It's been a while, but I am still around.  A lot has happened in the last few months, I left my old job due to injury, had to move interstate and am now beginning a new career in the medical industry... that means going back to university to study up on the latest and greatest - however, that also means school breaks... which in turn means plenty of time for doing the hobby!

I haven't been quiet in the time in between though.  I have completed most of the original Musorian force I made, with plans to flesh out the infantry in the near future.

A lot of what I have been doing has been "conversions", a lot of test-and-adjust to make the forces I want to display in my imaginary force structures of my equally imaginary armies.  A big part of this has been my desire to keep away from having everyone look the same and have some unique forces on my table.

With that in mind, my conversions have been going through the roof!  Everything is based off reality, so the vehicles you see in the pictures below have some basis in reality... the closest I have to genuine 'imaginary' units is the US Airborne Infantry Fighting Vehicle that I developed, purely because I suspect that something like that will eventually be made.

So without further ado, here are some shots of what I have been up to :)

 First cab off the rank is my two Kamarian army models.  I am not 100% happy with the camo pattern, and these two may yet get a trip to the painters as I build their cousins.

Kamaria will have a hodgepodge of kit, utilising North Korean gear in the form of Cho'n Ma-Ho tanks *GHQ T-62A's, they are pretty much one in the same* and some other kit, Soviet era Czech republic designs like the OT-90, OT-64 and OT-62, some older Soviet gear like T-34's, T-55's, BMP-1's and BTR-40's and Chinese kit for the more modern equivalent.
OT-90 APC *GHQ BTR-80 turret on BMP-1 chassis
Type 86G APC *BMP-1 ATGM and chassis, VBCI turret

 Musorian Army models, in these two shots we have the mobile heavy artillery for the Musorian Republican Guard - the GCT 155mm cannon; and their supporting VCI light APCs, used as artillery ammunition vehicles.

 T-72M TURMS upgrades, these are slightly modified GHQ T-72 Indian pattern tanks. 

To the left, T-55MV tanks and EE-11 Urutu wheeled APCs.  To the right, modified GHQ T-55a tanks carrying CinC miniatures SA-2 missiles and FAN SONG E target tracking radars.  This is based off a real world conversion by the Cuban army.

Below we have some semi-realistic and the only 'fake' vehicle made - the US Airborne light tank; my version being a development of the current BAE systems Expeditionary Light Tank design.  The APC is a variant I made up, it has a Bradley turret as fitted on the GHQ "EIFV" tank - that chassis I am using for something else :)   Finally, I have another photo of the Cuban designed SA-2 missile system and TTR complex.  I think it is a real nice centrepiece for my Musorian Air Defence Corps and will double as a solid objective for SF raids!

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