Saturday, 24 February 2018

New Year... More updates!

Conversion corner going for gold, playing around
with AML-60 and AML-90 turrets to see if BMP-2
hulls look cool with those cannons... they do ;)

Yes yes, I know, I've been away for ages!  Sorry!

The reason though has been pretty important.  As some who read the blog may know, just as I started the blog back in 2016 things took a turn for the worse with pretty much everything else in my life.  Suffice to say it was a hectic time!  I spent a solid part of 2017 basically getting myself back on my feet, with a lot of time spent at university as I rebuilt for a new career.

Well; that work is finally starting to pay off as after fifteen months of looking I have finally got employment again and can begin to truly pick myself up off the floor and start getting back into the more enjoyable aspects of life, like my models!

Two of my armies in the mix.
As usual, this is not exactly what the project looks like now!
So what does that mean?  It means that 2018, whilst I won't be posting as much as I still have university and now work commitments... the posts I put up will be big and absolutely chockers with detail!

Quantity has a quality of its own, but nothing compares to quality alone!  :)

Anyway; the first things I am doing are laying out some forces to start painting and assembling; I hope to get a platoon a week done and dusted... but I may spread it out to one every fortnight as uni workload kicks into gear.

Also, conversion corner is still alive and well; and I'll be putting up more information about models as time comes.

Such as my utilisation of GHQ ERC-90 turrets and GHQ Sheridan hulls to make a near-replica of the rare Belgian ACEC-90 - a commercial light tank design...
Real world ACEC-90...
... and my rendition using GHQ kits.

...and such beasties as the M-60-120S, which was made using GHQ M1A1 turrets and GHQ Magach-6B hulls.

The real McCoy... and my version!

Apart from conversion corner I also intend to do a number of product reviews as well.  I have used Shapeways for a large number of models recently, such as the LARS-1 MLRS and the South African G-5 howitzer you may have been able to pick out in the army shot... these products deserve some extra recognition as whilst pricey, they are worth every cent to date!

I'm always happy to chat to anyone about my forces/ swap ideas etc as well and frequent a number of the 6mm Facebook pages, I even opened up a page specifically for 3mm and 6mm gaming here in Australia, so feel free to stop by and take a peek! :)

Anyway; that's the plan for this year.  So let us see how we go!

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  1. Fantastic looking forces mate.
    I particularly like the ERC-90 turrets on BMP-2.